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Season 4 of HAIKYU!! set to air in Winter 2020

Season 4 of the anime HAIKYU!! is set to air with the Winter (January) 2020 season.

There will likewise be a cooperation with V-League Japan, which is an pro-volleyball league. Subtleties are yet to come.

Moreover, 2 OVAs will be delivered on January 22, 2020 on Bluray and DVD. They will be accessible to buy first at the Toho Animation corner at Jump Festa in December 2019. The titles will be “Land versus Sky” and “The Volleyball Way.” Based on the released visual, fans can make a decent presumption with regards to the content of the OVAs.

We don’t have word yet on the off chance that if/when there will be any release for English speaking fans of this content. (For example in the event that Crunchyroll will pick them up and subtitle them in english). Be that as it may, the substance in them (judging by the visual) likely is not necessary for the comprehension and enjoyment of Season 4 of the anime.

Suguru Daishou’s seiyuu was uncovered during the livestream as a special visitor! Daishou’s voice will be done by Okitsu Kazuyuki.