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My Hero Academia Anime Takes A Break Next Week


Fan favourite anime of this season, My Hero Academia, is nearing the end of  it’s first cour run for this season. The 2nd cour of the anime is scheduled to begin from 8th of July, but before that, this week we will get to watch episode 13. However, next week My Hero Academia will take a break before the next cour begins. Scans from Shounen Jump magazine also reveal that there will be a new ending and opening song with the beginning of 2nd cour.

The 2nd opening will be performed by Amazarashi who are known for performing the ending for Tokyo Ghoul Root A anime and the 2nd ending will be performed by LiSA who is known for the opening song for Sword Art Online.

Also, a new trailer / preview for the upcoming arc in the 2nd cour was released which can be seen below:

The scans can be seen below: