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‘Major 2nd’ Gets New Anime Season

NHK announced on Friday that Major 2nd will get another anime season for Takuya Mitsuda’s baseball manga. It will premiere in April 2020 on NHK’s Educational Channel.

Major 2nd began serializing in March 2015 in Shounen Sunday and currently has 16 volumes in print, with the 17th volume being delivered on October 18. The manga is the sequel to the original Mitsuda manga from 1994, which ended with a storyline spanning over 78 collected volumes in July 2010.
Major was adapted to six television seasons, with Studio Hibari being the creator of the former half. The latter half of the TV series, a movie, and three OVA episodes were produced by SynergySP.

In Spring 2018, OLM animated Major 2nd’s first season and screened for 25 episodes. Crunchyroll released on its website a simulcast for the same.