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Dragon Ball Super Episode 94-98 Spoilers


Dragon Ball Super fans were in for a shock and also a bit of confusion when it was revealed that Frieza might be joining the universe 7 team as their 10th fighter. But today, with even more leaks, the situation related to Frieza is making more sense. Frieza is supposed to be evil and many fans doubted that he would be fighting alongside the very people he hates the most. New leaks now suggest that Frieza is going to betray the members of universe 7 and is going to join universe 4 instead.

Although, these leaks are not yet confirmed, there is a high probability of these being real. Thanks to Ken Xyro on twitter for bringing this news to light!

The details as posted on twitter, can be seen below:

Reasons these leaks might be real can also be seen below:


Episode 94 and 95 title and summaries have been revealed in a magazine. The title of episode 95 appears to be different from the preview leak, however the summary is quite similar. The revealed information can be seen below: